Our Business Affiliate Program or Bubs Mates Rates is setup to provide medium to large businesses a special store wide discount. Employees of businesses that are connected with us can access the special discounted rates by registering an account using their work email address along with a Bubs Mates Rates Code that would be available through the business you work for. Once the account is created, you will be able to see the discounted rate on each product.

Our discounts are store wide and vary from 10 to 20% discounts, dependent on the arrangements between love2bubs and the business.

If your business currently is affiliated and you would like to register an account, click here.

If you currently have a bubs mates rates account and do not see the discounted prices, please click here to contact us.

If you are a medium to large orgnaisation and would like to offer your employees with this deal, Please click here to contact us and we will be in touch.